Ask any girl what exactly is in her bag, and you’re sure to see a pair of sunglasses within the mix of wallets, chapstick, and a cellphone. This fashion accessory has become some what of a necessity, and has been making a consistent cameo within every girls handbag these days. From round frames to cat-eyes, you’re sure to see a number of different shapes depending on the girl and her style. This spring we’re super excited to welcome Quay Eyeware to our roster of amazing accessory brands, and can’t get enough of the playful frames and the killer price. There’s no denying Quay the title of best sunnies for the spring, as the brand can be seen on the likes of Gwen Stefani and Vanessa Hudgens. I had the opportunity to get inside the brain of Quay’s Creative Director, Linda Hammond, to see what exactly makes the brand so special. Check out the interview below!

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Linda Hammond and I am Quay’s Creative Director and general all rounder!

How exactly did you get into fashion?

My path into fashion was something that happened quickly as Quay boomed very quickly. My partner and I always had a love for design and fashion and started Quay Eyeware as a side project initially. The attention our designs received initially took us by surprise as we had some major interest in our early days, which was very exciting!

What were you doing before this?

Before Quay I was working in Melbourne in interior design and decorating and for different Retail brands.


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Tell me a little bit about Quay Eyeware, and what sparked the idea to bring it to fruition.

I have always had an interest in design and fashion and mixing classic pieces with fun outrageous statement item. I guess we saw that there was a need for a range that offered great frame designs with reasonable quality at an accessible price.

What sort of mountains did you have to overcome with the line?

We have encountered people who are set in their perceptions of the industry with limited views of the potential of a product at our price point. But we like the challenge of changing people’s perceptions and the success of the brand now speaks for itself. We are going from strength to strength and watching our brand grow and appear on loyal customers, everyday people and celebrities is so rewarding.

Where do you often look for designing inspiration?

We are inspired by everyday life here in our home city of Melbourne Australia. We are inspired by the unique lifestyle where we get to enjoy the hot summers by the beach and the city where we live. We are surrounded by fantastic street style, which is very eclectic and multicultural.  We also do a lot of travel and are inspired by the places we travel and our friends abroad.

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What does your creative process look like?

You will often find me and my partner Allen who is our Co-Creative Director in our local coffee shop, talking colors and styles of upcoming ranges. We don’t always agree as our tastes can be quite different but I think we both bring something to the range and bounce off each other.

Who is the “Quay girl?”

We have always seen the Quay girl or guy as someone who determines their own style. The individual who isn’t necessarily on trend. They are bright and eccentric and able to wear bold and unusual designs with confidence.

I know this is a hard question, but if you could choose just ONE pair of Quay sunglasses, which style is your favorite?

Yes this is a hard question to answer, but if I had to choose just one it would be the Glomesh frame, which comes in a sparkly blue finish. The whole team is loving anything with glitter, sparkle and bling at the moment.

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Have there been any strong defining moments throughout the lifespan of Quay?

It’s seeing our frames on faces of people on the other side of the world, everyday people who are making our frames their own. I was recently on the other side of the world in Japan when I saw a girl walk past me in a pair of Quay leopard print frames looking incredible! I totally stopped and stared! It’s also pretty cool to pick up a magazine and find big name celebrities wearing our frames, people who have access to so many brands but have chosen to wear our styles which is always a huge compliment.

If you weren’t designing eyewear, what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t here at Quay I guess I would be in fashion or interior design and working with various Cancer Charity Organizations, which are close to my heart.