Tripp and the Karmaloop, now Miss KL, family go hand-in-hand. We can reliably look to them each season for the best skinny jeans, designed with the latest trends in mind. But of course, Tripp NYC is more than just a trendsetter. The NYC-based brand is an O.G., with roots in the East Village scene for nearly 30 years, plus a Rolling Stone-worthy roster of rockstar fans and downtown kids. We picked the brain of designer Daang Goodman (shown at center) and are amped to reveal her side of the brand story.

What influences led you to found Tripp NYC in 1984? Did you ever anticipate it to become such an iconic brand?

I always loved fashion! I grew up making and buying clothes to alter to my individual tastes. Rips, studs and safety pins! I wanted to be different and have something amazing to wear out at night. From there it took off, people started asking me where they could buy it and I thought why not offer it everyone. I never imagined it would turn into a lifestyle. The inspiration is still the same today as it was in 1984: rock and roll!

Who is the most exciting female rocker you’ve seen wearing the brand?

It’s just too hard to narrow down. Over the years there have been so many incredible women that have worn Tripp. From iconic women of rock like Debbie Harry, Joan Jett and Cyndi Lauper to today’s pop rock artists like Rihanna, Pink and Gwen Stefani. All of them are confident women that express themselves not only through song but also in what they wear on stage.

What is your favorite thing about the East Village? What is your favorite memory of St. Mark’s Place?

Nowhere else in the world do you have such a melting pot of individuals than in the East Village. Its youth, creativity and rawness inspire me each day. St. Marks Place has changed over the years but one thing has stayed the same – the energy. It’s the heartbeat of downtown NYC. Favorite memory? There are just so many. How about last night! Walking down the street and seeing a group of girls out in Tripp printed skinny jeans. What an incredible feeling!

How did you get your cutout dress onto Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? What about those leopard skinnies on Lil Wayne last year?

They actually came to our retail store on St. Mark’s Place! A lot of musicians and stylists visit our store for outfits for performances because they are looking for unique and authentic rock and roll to wear. Everyone made such a huge deal about Lil Wayne wearing “girls” pants.  Who cares! Tripp does not have any labels; it’s about expressing yourself and being who you want to be.

If you had to pick just one preferred hardware detail would it be studs, buckles, or grommets?

How about safety pins!  They are a necessity, keeping it all together!

Describe your ideal high-low outfit utilizing one Tripp piece!

Tripp leopard skinny jeans with a leather moto jacket.  Every girl looks good in leopard!

Is the skinny jean here to stay? Why or why not?

Tripp has been making skinny jeans since we started in 1984.  They are the center piece of the brand and will always be in style. It’s tight, low and rock n roll!


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