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Newsflash: It is officially February, and what that means is we’re basically shoulders length away from Valentine’s Day. It’s getting rather scary at the Miss KL office as the madness to find the perfect activity for that day is becoming increasingly apparent. Can you believe about half of the restaurants in the Boston area are already booked for reservations? Looks like I’m spending the night alone watching chick-flicks with Easy Mac hot on the oven. However, this  can’t possibly be the worst Valentine’s Day date ever. Just ask Jeffree Star.


Worst Date: 

I honestly never go on a lot of dates but when I do there is never a dull moment. A few years ago there was this girl named Vanessa… She was a make up artist that I had met at an event and was very beautiful. She asked if we could have drinks sometime and I said yes, and gave her my number.

We met up a week later at a bar and she tried to get me drunk… Not surprising because she was very shy and intimidated by me for some reason. Maybe it was because my lipstick was put on better than hers?? Kidding… But 20 minutes in a guy comes up to our table and sits down. Come to find out it’s her boyfriend and they have fantasized about having a threesome with me. A few shots later everything went down in history… I hope my mom isn’t reading this.