It’s that time of year again! Just when you think the holidays are over, February comes at you with its blue violets, red roses, and cuter than cute sweetheart candies. Whether you’re flying solo this year, or have a romantic evening planned, we want you to have a chance to win a special Valentine from Miss KL! All you have to do is show us what sends your heart fluttering and you could win a $500 shopping spree on us! Simply Instagram photos of all your favorite things with the hashtag #ILoveMissKL and you could get a whole bunch of Miss KL goodies for free!


1.) Follow @RealMissKL

2.) Each Day, instagram a picture of something you love with the #ILoveMissKL hashtag

3.) Type @RealMissKL so we know who you’re talking to!

4.) Photos should be uploaded for the 7 days leading up to V-day (2/7 – 2/14). But if you only found out about it after 2/7, that’s okay! As long as your photo(s) are super awesome, we’ll still consider you for the prize. 

**Winner will be chosen based on whoever snaps the best pics**

So give it up! What do you love the most? We can’t wait to see what you guys are head over heels for, especially if they involve actual heels!