Today’s the day we all looked forward to or maybe even dreaded. Regardless of your stance on Valentine’s Day, you just can’t escape it’s annual arrival, so might as well make the best of it. Luanna, blogger of Le Happy, shares her latest attempt at making Valentine’s Day special for our beau, but unsuccessfully ending the night at Mc Donalds. Find out what made the top of her list for “Worst Valentine’s Day  ever!”:



My boyfriend and I are not big fans of fancy restaurants we are the kind of couple that usually prepares dinner together and stay at home, but it was Valentines and we decided to do something different. I was so excited that we were going to somewhere nice just because it was a special night. However the date didn’t went like planned , he picked me up in his car early in the night and we drove to this awesome and quite expensive restaurant. I was really excited, however, our reservation seemed to disappear and no tables were available for the next 4 hours. He then decided to drive, in a horrible traffic, to another restaurant. It was full and the waiting list was huge. We tried everywhere and there were no tables available, I was starting to starve and we were running out of ideas. We drove for more than two hours, went to a couple french cuisine restaurants, an Italian  then Peruvian and Japanese  We finally drove back to my place, left the car and went walking to restaurants nearby. We walked for a solid hour and ended up eating at a Mc Donalds filled with families and children. Perfect Valentines date!


What’s your worst Valentine’s day experience?