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We got the chance to sit down and do a quick interview with our absolutely babe-tastic Spring Lookbook model, Ashley Moore. This cutie is new to the modelling game and only started six months ago – not that you can tell. We’re so happy we scooped her up for Leader of the Pack. She looks awesome in everything, so styling was a dream! Moore took a chance on moving to LA to see if she could get signed, and was picked up in an instant (are you surprised?) so this North Carolina girl is now living the California dream in Westwood. When she isn’t strutting her stuff in front of a camera, she can usually be found surfing, writing, or playing basketball. Sounds like the life! 

Name: Ashley Moore

Hometown: North Carolina, now living in Westwood, California

 Never leave the house without…my phone. It’s glued to me at all times.

Heels, flats or sneakers? I would definitely say heels. I wear heels a lot!

 When you’re not modeling….I enjoy surfing and I love the beach. I go to the beach a lot, or I like to write. I’ll go to the UCLA gym from time to time to just play [basketball] but modelling keeps me pretty busy.

Dream Job? Something in fashion. Definitely styling or something like that.

Favorite Photo room jam? I like a lot of different things. I love to listen to Hip hop. Just something that keeps me with a lot of energy and that I can dance to. Something that has great beats. I listen to everything from Chris Brown to Katie Perry, different bands – I listen to all kind of things. A lot of people will send me new music or I’ll just have Pandora on.

How long have you been modeling? I’ve been modeling for six months so far…since July. My agency is great. I’m with Nous, it’s in LA. But hopefully I’ll branch out to New York soon.

How did you get started modeling? I didn’t think I was going to do modeling. I planned on just playing college ball. But I had a lot of people telling me ‘go to LA, try out’ so I was just like, what the heck, I’ll try out. So I went to LA and I was just going to stay for a month or two to see if I could get signed and I ended up getting signed within two weeks. I never thought I was going to model like this.

Go to item in your closet? My leather jacket and I have to have a beanie or something too. I live in beanies.

Personal style? I love wearing all black. My mom gets on me about it all the time. I like a lot of tees with leggings and boots. I’ll also dress up a lot as well because I love wearing heels because it makes me feel taller. But overall, it changes often.

Favorite part of the Spring Lookbook? All the positive attitude. It was really fun being around you guys. I feel like it was an adventure, going out in that cold that I’m not used to but sucking it up and giving it my all, I loved that. It was fun, actually. I had a great time just shooting and getting to know everybody.

Favorite beauty item: For the lookbook, Jeannie did a different butter London color on each nail and she pierced four of my nails. That was really cool.

You can find me at….Instagram is ashley_moore_

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