Meet Bridgette. She’s the brain (and talent) behind one of our most favorite Miss KL footwear brands, Messeca. I met this lovely lady back in Las Vegas where we talked about Joe (our rad footwear buyer), her new t-shirt line, and of course shoes! I was immediately taken by this spunky woman as she pulled Joe in for the biggest, most affectionate hug I have ever seen. Also, it didn’t hurt that the shoes on her feet just happened to be undeniably fabulous (ahem…Alexander Wang)! I connected with the young designer and got the scoop on her obsession worthy shoe brand. Read more about Bridgette…


Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Bridgette, and I’m the designer for Messeca


How did you first get started in designing footwear?

I met an angel named Ty at a bar in Brooklyn. Stalked his existence — and forced my way in to an internship with Jeffrey Campbell. The rest? Well, the rest is history.


Where do you usually go for inspiration when designing a new collection?, Manhattan NYC, and drag shows.



Who is the “Messeca” girl?

She is smart. A real downtown fashion lady. Like if Wang and Ghesquiere had a baby? She would want to babysit for it.  She understands runway and wants the look of it and the feel of it but also needs to keep it under $500. Direct knock offs aren’t her thing…but she has  no problem with the “heavily inspired”…


What’s been the most exciting thing you’ve encountered since launching Messeca?  

Having Greg from Assembly walk in to our booth at a trade show, pick up one of my shoes, and say that he liked it and nobody else was doing it. #DIE #DEATH #HAVEMYBABIES


Where there any specific struggles you had to overcome when starting out your collection?

We had to do a total re brand. The MESS girl is on a whole new level  now. The struggle was in teaching her how to transition and find other girls out there who are putting out the same vibes.


How does your personal style reflect the designs of each collection?

I like to make shoes that I would wear because I am the customer. It is really hard for me to get behind something that I am not 1048% behind. I think that helps me produce the money makers, if you will.




What do girls (and guys!) have to look forward to next season for Messeca?

Don’t tell my geometry teacher (Mr. Gordon, if you are watchig, HI!) but lots of leathers stamped with geometric shapes. Some serious 3d texture science $#!*.
If you weren’t designing footwear, where would you be?

In New Orleans working at a sweatty jazz club and drinking lots uh beeeeer.