Our awesome and talented hair stylist, Kara Hurston, is freshly back from spending a week styling at New York Fashion Week. She did us the favor of snapping a few pics so we could ogle (and attempt to replicate) her work. She used mostly Oribe products and lent her skillful hands to two shows: Calla and Jeremy Laing. Read on to see what Kara had to say about each show!



Jeremy Laing: This look featured a low ponytail with a middle part. He wanted it to be as low as possible to just lay against the coats. We used some Oribe foundation mist and royal blowout to create the messy look and gently pulled out pieces around the hairline. Underneath where it is hidden is a braid that we pinned to the head to give the ponytail a less bulky feel.


Calla presentation:┬áMost of her styles are pretty girly and she usually likes the hair to be a bit whimsical. Since it was a presentation, the back of the hair wouldn’t be seen, so we sectioned out the top and twisted it into a low ponytail and then made a loop with the poinytail. We used creme for style throughout the hair to give it a hold but still keep the natural feel to the hair. The make up was created with pastel pink, blue, and yellow squares over the eyes which accented the clothing perfectly.

The consensus? Looks like down-to-earth is back in when it comes to hair during NYFW. High maintenance ringlets and crazy dye jobs seem to be less of a focus this year. Stay relaxed and laid back with a slick ponytail and a bit of styling creme to capture these looks in your day to day!