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It’s official: I am totally a shoe hoarder. I may have several vices I am sad to admit, but my footwear admiration is the only one I will openly fess up to. From the highest heels, to the most androgynous flats, I’m all about that life. Take a walk through my apartment and you’ll see rows of shoes lined up around the walls…yes…I think I do in-fact have a problem. However, how can you blame me when there’s brands such as Deandri who have created shoes rad enough to feed this obsession of mine? This spring, Deandri ceases to amaze with their eccentric yet tailored spring collection. Each shoe has it’s own quirky personality to it – The Ginger platform boot puts a funky twist on the classic saddle shoe, while the lace up boot gets a much-needed update with the Nude Helga boot and it’s peek-a-boo detailing. It’s rather obvious why I’ve grown quite fond of Deandri, and I am pretty positive the brand will make your list of favorite shoes this spring too! Which shoe is your favorite?

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Photos by Di Henri Aquije

Model is Zoe Deluge