Welcome to round two of the blog series ‘Astrostyle’! This time we check out you wondrous Cancer, Leo, & Virgo girls!

The divine Cancer girl is ruled by the moon and is a water sign; your emotions wax and wane just as the lunar cycle does. Take control of your mystifying moods by wearing your power color: silver, as well as keeping symbols of your sign around to remind you of the ever changing tide that is within you. When I think of the Cancerian, pure class and beauty come to mind, as established by your sign sisters Princess Diana, Sofia Vergara, Gisele Bundchen, and Solange Knowles. Your symbol is the crab, but you need not be afraid to step out of the comfort zone that is your shell. Everyone adores your nurturing, sensitive, and sympathetic self.

Clockwise Below: The Starry Eyed Skirt in Silver by *LA Boutique, The Hellsea Boot in Silver by UNIF, The Moon Wall Clock by Kikkerland, & The Kensington Watch in White and Silver by Nixon


There is no mistaking when a Leo woman is part of a crowd; in fact, she’s probably the center of it. She is the one with the biggest hair, the loudest laugh, and of course, a throng of admirers surrounding her. This makes complete sense because the lion is a fire sign ruled by the star we owe it all to; the Sun. Leo girls have the confidence to pull off any look – the more daring the better, as revealed by your ravishing sign sisters Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Halle Berry. There are numerous options for you lovely ladies in regards to utilizing your astrological sign to influence your wardrobe: purple has long been considered the color of royalty, which could be an option for you queens of the jungle, as well as a bold print or something shiny and eye catching.

Clockwise Below: The Visionary Lion Print Bodysuit by Somedays Lovin, The Don’t Mess With The Queen Necklace by Melody Ehsani, The Adams Lion Sneaker in Fuchsia and Gold by Jeffrey Campbell, & The Meow Dress by *LA Boutique


Is there anyone in your life who happens to be absolute perfection? She may just be a Virgo. Seriously, just take a look at the desirable company you keep: Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, and Pippa Middleton! The Virgo girl is a charming earth sign, therefore practicality is a must. Virgos are probably the most discerning sign of the zodiac, so you can’t go wrong with the purest color available: white. Your ruling planet is also Mercury, known as the messenger god in mythological terms; and the Roman deities absolutely wore white! Virgo girls aren’t usually the kind to go for the latest fads; they recognize true style never goes out of fashion.

Clockwise Below: The Naive Dress by *LA Boutique, The Coltrane Boot in White Leather by Jeffrey Campbell, The Iridescent Backpack in White by Nila Anthony, &  The Speak Up Tee in Don’t Give White by RVCA