This week was chock-full of interesting European experiences, the first of which occurred last weekend at a local casino. My boyfriend and I got our first taste of real deal French Burlesque, and it was delicious! Prior to this random date night, my only experience with women stripping off clothing in public places looked something like this:

YouTube Preview Image

The Burlesque show was entirely different. The music, the dancing, the crowds reaction to the girls, and the attire- gorgeous lingerie, lacy and satiny and perfectly seductive. The French definitely know how to do sexy, although I secretly wished someone would have made it rain.


Another sexy discovery this week was French DJ, producer, and singer/songwriter, Miss Kittin. I had actually heard one of her bigger hits, “Frank Sinatra”, years ago but I didn’t know much about her and her awesomeness at the time. She’s been in the European Underground music scene forever, and if you don’t know, now ya know…

YouTube Preview Image

Lastly, CDJS. As an American DJ who came up on Hiphop and turntables, Europe is like a whole new world. Everyone uses CDJs here – turntables are like some kind of exotic creature from a distant land. I was forced into using CDJs spinning an event a couple years ago, so I technically know how to work them, but they still feel strange to me. I have a gig tomorrow night and will be playing on them so wish me luck!! Bisous! X