The Heatherette Jumper by Lucca Couture, The Lovich Boot by Jeffrey Campbell

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for a revamp of the “Work It Out” blog series. We’re still going to be introducing you to the exquisite ladies behind the ever turning Miss KL engine; but we’ll also be featuring some dope photographers & rad locations.

From this blustery cold week in Boston emanates one of the hottest girls in streetwear (according to Complex & we totez agree) –  Social Media extraordinaire & Miss KL Blog Co-editor Brittany Wood! Being born & raised in the Golden State, she has definitely brought some much needed sunny, laid back vibes to the office. This past weekend we took a stroll around Beacon Hill & the South End with the remarkable Kevin Mayer, resulting in these spectacular shots showcasing Brittany’s style. All items she’s wearing are from HER closet, and are styled BY HER, so we guarantee this is an authentic peek into what Britt wears on the regular.  I realize it will be hard to take your eyes off of her but don’t forget to peep the mini interview as well!

Describe a typical day in your life back in La-La Land.
Well basically my days in LA would be almost identical to Boston, excluding a few minor details:
1.) Wake up at the crack of dawn…only I wouldn’t be wearing 3 layers of socks in an attempt to keep my toes warm during the night 2.) Make myself breakfast and spend a couple hours watching Full House Reruns
3.) Get dressed WITHOUT having to layer or wear the heaviest winter coat you could imagine
4.) Spend 2 hours driving my car in traffic to work
5.) Work 12 hours non-stop without leaving the office
6.) Drive another 2 hours in traffic to get back home
7.) Go to a local bar with my friends
8.) Read myself to sleep
9.) Do it all over again

There’s nothing really interesting about LA life, except for the fact that you could wear summer clothing pretty much year-round.

How has the cross country transition been for you?
Since I’ve moved, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster. I’ll have some really good weeks, and love everything that’s going on. However, I’ll have some terrible weeks – like when I came back from my Christmas visit, and I was bummed out about everything. So far it’s been extremely interesting, and definitely a life changing experience I think everyone should go through.


Britt’s favorite vintage shirt from Trunk and Disorderly, skirt by BOTB by Hellz Bellz  (sold out)

Tell us the story behind your favorite shirt! (pictured above)
HA! It’s actually not that interesting, but I’m sure further down the road it will be. The first month I moved to Boston, Jeni (women’s buyer for Miss KL) took me to her friend’s vintage shop for a photo shoot. At first I thought I was just coming to hang, but I was later made aware that they were actually shooting for the site. I opted out, but opted in to shop around while everyone got their pictures taken. I’m a very picky person so I really didn’t find too much…till I set my eyes on this AMAZING vintage Harley Davidson tee. Jeni saw it too…but I was quicker with my debit card. See…not that interesting. I think what really makes it my favorite is the fact that I can wear the tee with anything. It’s so comfy and versatile, and PERFECT for when I’m feeling too lazy to actually put together a decent outfit for the day.

Have a favorite book or movie? Any quotes from it you’d like to share?
Twilight…of course. I don’t have any favorite quotes unfortunately, but I do have a favorite scene. *The honeymoon ocean scene…ahem*

What’s the one food you couldn’t live without if you were stranded on a remote island?

A huge bean, cheese, rice, and avocado burrito with plenty of salsa. Yum!


Ring Master dress by MINKPINK (sold out), similar style here

What’s the best part about working here?
The fact that no 2 days are the same. I need plenty of change in my life otherwise I become bored very quickly. Plus…it doesn’t hurt that the people I work with are just as amazing as the clothing we sell.

Top 3 items you adore on Miss KL right now?
The Joyrich Sunrise Blossom Overalls, The UNIF Das Boot, & The BOTB Nothing Like You Varsity Jacket

Zodiac sign?

How can we reach you (twitter/blog)?

That’s all for now folks, you can also follow photographer Kevin on his tumblr & gram @kevmayer !

xxo, Gege