There’s nothing I like more than a brand with a story – especially if that brand just so happens to make something amazing. That’s pretty much how I feel about 4U –  a brand, creative idea, and an outlet of self expression provided by woman about town, Suzi Analogue. This woman impresses my so much. Not only did she send us one of the raddest beanies of the season (ahem…that awesome “Aaaliyah” beanie that’s on the site now!), but she’s also a woman of many talents and trades.  From nail artist to music producer, there is really nothing Suzi DOESN’T do. She’s also known to mix a mean track with our January This Miss KL, TOKiMONSTA, in their musical partnership - Analogue Monsta. We sat down and chatted with this multi-talented individual to find out what makes her tick, and share her story.


Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Suzi Analogue.  Creator of 4U. Made By AnalogueNail Tite & 1/2 of ANALOGUE MONSTA with TOKiMONSTA.  I’m an audio + visual artist, and something like the people’s champ. In this lifetime, I’ve written and sung jams, made beats, designed nails, clothes, cassettes, vinyl, and played stages. I just live life….and make sure I have a good soundtrack to do it with and dope gear to do it in.

Where did you get the name Suzi Analogue?

I grew up in central VA and didn’t know a lot of people into hip-hop… like raw rap, boom bap hip-hop. I learned a lot from listening to radio shows…i was the call-in queen. One night, I found out about a solo project from the RZA aka Bobby Digital, and super fell in love with his alter-ego and the creativity of the music; especially since I was doing theatre at the time. My only other friend I knew that was deep into hip-hop goes: “you love the name so much, why don’t you just be Suzi Analogue his female counterpart?” It instantly struck a chord.  I started tagging every creative move I did with the name, and it just stuck, I never searched for anything else., it fits. Suzi is the all-american girl throwback name…it speaks to my simplicity. Analogue represents my reverie for nostalgia that can be found in my style, even in this digital age. Sometimes i take the S off and make it Uzi….more hardcore.  It’s a name that always works.

I see that you’re a woman of many trades. If you could choose one more to add to your roster, what would it be?

I am an adventurer. Deep down I wish I could be a pilot. I would really like to learn how to pilot a plane. I love to fly, and love to go, and would definitely fill a plane with my homies and go on an adventure together if we could. That’s what I try to do with the things that I make….take you on a trip.

We absolutely LOVE the Aaliyah beanie…what brought about creating this lovely accessory?

The beanie is about connections, and making them more real. While it simply reads a name, the name connects with us all and evokes instant thoughts of beauty, grace,  strength, and even pain in remembrance of a true lady who inspired many.  Anything I make to be available en masse, I want it to have a chance to do that. I wore the beanie for myself a year straight before I even made any, but was so greatly touched by the real connections made from it, I wanted to give that feeling to others. People in all shapes, colors and sizes have stopped me, and even told their own favorite stories that came to mind when seeing it; that’s what lifestyle pieces do- that’s the concept behind 4U.


What are you most inspired by?

In life, i’m inspired most by adventures. I love to travel,  get lost, get found…explore and find out what things really mean to me without the frills. In people, I am inspired by compassion, strength, and the wisdom to understand that every individual can work towards making a huge difference in the world, no matter what…we can all contribute to true peace for one another!

Has there been a specific person in your life who has helped mold you into the artist you are today?

My mother. She gifted me with a lot of beautiful thoughts, and believed fiercely in what I could do with them. She was my first ‘sculptor’ so to speak. Thankful every day for a woman like that.

Were there any major roadblocks you had to overcome throughout your career?

“The game is not only dangerous but it’s most strange.” © MF DOOM

I love to create, although discouraging things happen to creative people all the time to try to get them into a rut and stop. I recently lost my mother, in the midst of all the great things happening to me, had to face that. As a young woman, it is truly a hard hit to lose your mom.  Instead of seeing challenges as roadblocks, I allow them to evolve me. The timing of the beanie release is just right because I am relying on some amazing angels to get keep me focused. Things happen to young women in this game all the time, but it’s important to listen and believe in the inner you…never forget to connect to what keeps you going!

What are the first 5 songs on your playlist right now?

Somethin old, something new.

1.Swarvy- Smoke

2.Grande Marshall- Girls (With Rhythm)

3. Stevie Nicks – Landslide

4.Nas feat. Aaliyah – You Won’t See Me Tonight

5.Busta Rhymes – So Hardcore

What is one thing you can’t leave the house without?

Something to take pictures with. I’m addicted to documenting because I love life.

If you could be one person dead or alive who would it be?

The RZA.  That’s a given though.


You can find out more about Suzi Analogue by checking out her site and Youtube videos!