I know what you’re thinking – ‘Track jacket?! Early days of February?!!’  Don’t fret! The lioness Track Jacket can easily be layered! I’m totally digging the 90s thing right now, and this Versace-esque piece is spot on trend! You can grunge it up with a cozy flannel, dress it up with the perfect lbd, or channel your inner hooch with some ghetto bling.

Here’s how I rock this versatile top:

Add a plaid to any outfit these days, and you’ve got an cool, easy, just rolled out of bed look! Make sure your flannel is a little over-sized, so it fits just right over The Lioness Track Jacket (which is actually not bulky at all). There are plenty of plaid shirts on the site right now, so you can have your pick! I would definitely chose colors that are similar in tone, so it doesn’t clash with the track jacket in the wrong kind of way. Here are just a few shirts I found on the site: *Vintage Boutique Basics Edition shirt  and the Makia Check plaid shirt. Throw on a pair of your sloppiest denim shorts such as The Dalia Cutoffs by *Vintage Boutique (with price you can’t resist!), a kickass pair of black booties, like these Jeffrey Campbell Ramble boots, or the Jeffrey Campbell Lovich boot, and you’ve got the look nailed!

IMG_9299 copy

As for your dressier outfit, try metallics or your basic black paired with super sheer tights and some hot pumps. Make sure your dress/skirt is simple and fitted to keep the look stream lined and sexy. Try the Lee Lee Honeycomb Dress by Motel or the Holster Pencil Dress by  One Teaspoon.

IMG_9344 copy

And this here is my favorite of the three outfits. Gather all your bling, your very best sweatshirt, a pair of black leggings, and your coolest docs of course. Remember, keep the colors in the same family to avoid severe clashing of the worst type. Here are some of my favorite picks from the site. Try this Ghoulish sweatshirt by Unif, the Obey Hoody, plus stay tuned for a ton of sweatshirts coming your way by *Vintage Boutique. Check out these new 1460 8Eye Dr Martens we got on the site . Most importantly, you’ll need a little bit of this for my last look: Noir x L.A.M.B. Spike necklace, My Enemy by CHRISHABANA Outta My Way earrings, and the CC Skye Shelby Bullet ring.

IMG_9290 copy

 Photo Credit for all photos: Joel Meus