For this tutorial of Candy Heart nails, you will need the following:  one pale nude polish, five various pastels, a topcoat, a red nail art pen (or ultra fine sharpie!), scotch tape, a pencil, and scissors.  I used the new butter LONDON Sweetie Shop Spring Collection, coming soon to Miss KL!


Start off by painting your nails with two thin and even coats of your nude polish; I used butter LONDON in Cuppa.


Next, let your nails dry completely.  At least an hour or two – or if you’re low on patience, rock the nude mani one day and do the designs the next! Once dry, take a small square of scotch tape and apply it about a third of the way covering the top of your nail bed.  Pinch the tape a couple times with your thumb and index finger so that it is not super sticky.


Next, use a pencil to draw an outline of the top of a heart (sort of like a lowercase m). Then, remove the tape and cut along the pencil lines so you are left with a cutout of the top of the heart.  Put the piece of tape back on the same nail and repeat for the rest of your fingers.  Make sure to trace the outline of the heart while the tape is on your nail so that the size corresponds to whichever finger you are working on.



Using a different color for each nail, paint one or two coats over the tape and down the rest of your nail bed on one hand only.  The shades I used from thumb to pinkie (all butter London):  Kerfuffle (pale pink), Fruit Machine (light coral), Jasper (pale bright yellow), Fiver (mint), and Molly Coddled (lilac).


Now gently remove the tape (you do not want the color you painted over the tape to be completely dry because it will pull too much of the polish up and mess up the design).  If they don’t look perfect, don’t worry!  You can touch them up to get the exact shape you want.


Repeat on the other hand. Then, wait ten to fifteen minutes for the hearts to dry. Once you’re done, use a nail art pen to write short messages (or just one – xo) on your nails.  I used the Nail Art Duo Pen from Art Club. You can do it on all the nails or just one like I did.



Wait another ten minutes and apply a nice thick layer of top coat to seal in your design and make your adorable mani last! Xoxo