Although I’ve only been in Boston for a total of 4 months, I already find myself becoming more and more bored with this terribly cold weather. Face it – There’s only so many ways you can rock a heavy knit sweater (unless I’m just being stubborn and refuse to look for new things to wear). Which brings me to my next point of forcing myself to look towards other things to bring into my closet this winter. One trend I am dying to try is this velvet takeover I see flooding the pages of Tumblr. From velvet flocked platforms to leggings, I’m craving it all! What trend do you want to to try out this season?




 Miss KL Velvet Favorites: Widow Cutout Garter leggings in burgundy // Y.R.U. Bloq Boot in Black // Jeffrey Campbell Point Flatforms // See You Monday SYM tie-dye dress