We really wouldn’t mind being in Jessica Biel’s place.

We’ve been giving V-day a bit of a hard time lately, but don’t let that give you the wrong impression – we think there are plenty of great things about the holiday of love! But we also think there are a dozen better ways to celebrate it than sitting across a restaurant table from Mr. Right Now. Valentine’s Day traditionally consists of overcrowded restaurants, red roses, candy and a bunch of other sappy activities for the love obsessed. Where does that leave the single girls of the world? Certainly not sitting on your couch alone wondering why you don’t have a date. I mean, who does that anymore? So in honor of my single girls out there, I came up with a list of six things you can do without a man to still have an amazing and possibly even BETTER Valentine’s day than ever before. Grab other fellow single girlfriends and don’t forget the champagne! This year just might be your best one yet!

1. This is simple. Just go on a dinner date with all your other single friends (see photo above). Think about it, you will most likely be the one table having the most fun without having to worry about awkward first date conversation. A stress free night will be a fantastic time and one of the most memorable! Extra points for confused looks from the hostess as she seats your large, all-female party.

2. Invite everyone over to your house for a night of pizza, champagne, and rom-coms (or horror films…you know, whatever). Together you can eat, drink and make fun of the cheesy romantic movies with plot-lines that never happen in real life anyway. Girl talk and the company of good friends can make the perfect night.


3. You know those delightful miniature cakes that have gotten so trendy lately? You know, the ones shaped like cups and covered in sugary goodness? Why not learn how to DIY those things!  Attend a cupcake making class, go with all your best girl friends to learn unique recipes, and then get to keep your creations all to yourself. After all, baking for dudes is like, so 60 years ago.

4. Hold a secret admirer’s gifting party; just like Secret Santa, have everyone buy a gift that’s 10-15 dollars or less. At the party have guests pick names out of a hat, this way everyone gets a valentine and a gift.


5. Possibly at the top of my list, go shopping! Take a day trip into the best shopping areas near you and make a day out of it. Or travel to that middle-of-nowhere vintage shop you’ve always been meaning to try. Buying new (or recycled) clothes, accessories or my personal favorite, shoes, would make any fashion-loving girl feel on top of the world.

6. Plan a weekend getaway to go all the way through the three-day Valentine’s Day weekend! Guys and girls can both be welcome of course, just have everyone chip in. The more people, the cheaper it will end up being, and you’ll be able to get an amazing stay at a location of your choice. You’ll come back feeling relaxed but also rejuvenated for the year ahead!

– Abbie Paklos