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Terrible dates…we’ve all had ‘em at least once in our lives. From painfully awkward silences to being forced to pay for the meal, a bad date seems to happen more often than we’d like. Alternatively, like a rare beacon of light, there are occasions where we get lucky and go on a date that makes us feel all kinds of mushy gushy, and wish that moment could be documented into a romance novel – a la 50 Shades of Grey status. With Valentines day just around the corner, we felt it necessary to get into the spirit by recollecting the best and the worst dating stories from some of the babeliest of the Miss KL babes. Whether they’re oh-so-terrible, or just so sweet it hurts our teeth, these babes spill the beans. First up, our favorite rock-n-roll babe – Hanna Beth:

My Worst Date:

This boy Cody asked me out on a date. He asked what kind of food was my favorite and I said sushi, so he took me to this rad sushi spot. When the bill came he threw a crumpled 5 dollar bill on the table and said that was all he had on him.. so after I paid for dinner, he asked if I wanted to get a movie at red box to watch but he didn’t have a credit card so I would have to get it. I faked sick and went home… such a bust.

My Best Date: 

My best date would have to be the first date my boyfriend took me on. I was so excited. We could have literally done anything and I still would’ve been happy. He took me to this yummy restaurant in Malibu, then to a movie, and then asked me to be his girlfriend. Every date we go on is amazing  but that one will always be a little extra special to me.