Over the past few years, Miley Cyrus‘s style has taken a serious turn towards awesome. Lately, I feel like I haven’t seen a photo of this chick in a single outfit I didn’t instantly want to steal! And while it’s old news, her badass haircut is certainly to die for. Needless to say, we were pretty amped when the lovely ladies over at Motel Rocks turned our attention to these photos of Cyrus being snapped in their Jordan pants. These hi-waisted, bold striped pants go perfectly with the rocker chic look she’s been sporting lately, and they’re totally accessible for you guys! Cyrus’s version of the Jordan jeans are currently on re-order and should be back on our site in February. ‘Till then, you can check out a few other black and white versions below. The best part? They’re all on sale!

The Jordan Pants in Italiano PU, The Jordan Pants in  Mini Criss Cross, The Jordan Pants in Tonal Floral - All from Motel Rocks

You can complete her look with the Cheap Monday Truncated Crop Sweater (also on sale!) and a pair of classic Dr. Martens. Top it off with the More Action Necklace from *Accessories Boutique and you’re all set!

As for her beau Liam…well, we’re not quite sure what’s going on with that outfit.