Mata Hari Accessories - Karmaloop

Top Left Going Clockwise: From Mata HariThe ME Heart Clutch, The Small Flat Heart Spiked Ring, The ME Heart Clutch in Black, The Small Spiked Heart Ring

Not everyone is a fan of Valentine’s Day, and we totally get it! Like all great things, love can be both wonderful and terrible. So if it’s currently feeling more like the latter, then we have the perfect accessories picks for you!  Pictured above, these heart shaped clutches from Mata Hari and spiked rings from Gasoline Glamour make the perfect touches to any anti-Valentine ensemble. Hell, they could even function as a self defense weapon if you need it! Nothing says “back off” with a purse that could double as a medieval spiked flail (just kidding!…kind of). Pictured below, are two choice pieces from our *LA Boutique and *Sole Boutique. Aptly named the Cruel Intentions Bra, this spiked intimate is the perfect sick twist on a traditional V-day lingerie purchase. For more V-day sarcasm, the neon pink Beverly Shoe is a good way to go, and a steal at only $50. 

AccessoriesBoutique_SoleBoutiqueLeft: The Cruel Intentions Studded Bra, Right: The Beverly Shoe

We hope your Valentine’s Day goes by painlessly, and that these spikey accessories help get you through it. After all, just because you’re not down to be all lovey-dovey, doesn’t mean you can’t look rebelliously awesome. Just try not to hurt anyone in the process…unless you want to ;)