One of our favorite brands UNIF just released an amazing holiday lookbook video. “Nothing Lasts Whatever” features their latest picks from hell, which has got us trading in our halos for horns, kicking over trash cans, and setting $h!t on fire. Totally kidding, but as least we’re loving their new selection that we’ve launched on Miss KL. Check out the video and see which pieces are our favorite below:

YouTube Preview Image


✝Our first UNIF pick is the Leather Shredded Pack complete with studs, adjustable straps, and enough space for your Ouija Board. Just keep it away from holy water, it’ll ruin the leather.


✝Our second UNIF pick is the Bad Kitty Rider Jacket in Leopard. This jacket is a devilish collaboration of leather and leopard, great for vandalizing adventures.


✝Our last UNIF pick is the Prayer Sweater in Gold. Badass cross patchwork, ribbed trim, and a faux leather cross make this sweater anything but holy. Perfect for warding off the boys.


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