Let’s face it – from birth till now we’ve all grown up with the looming fact that television is very much a part of our lives. There are people who like to say that they don’t ever watch TV, but the second you mention a specific show, there they are gabbing away to you about their favorite episode (Netflix is still TV, guys). I don’t think NOT watching television is even possible! I’ve tried that route, and unsurprisingly failed. Why did I fail? Well, to put it simply, Girls came into my life. The HBO show, which won Best TV Comedy last night at the Golden Globes, follows around a group of mid-20 year old girls with lives that creepily mimic our own. This show has somewhat ruined my life. Well…not my life EXACTLY. Just my social life. There have been way too many nights spent shoving junk food down my mouth while watching full Girls marathons. (Where has my life gone?!?!) You can’t really blame my obsession, though. There are plenty of valid reasons why me, and millions of other girls have grown fond of the new television show, and this is why:

1. Whether you like to admit it or not, there’s always that ONE guy who likes to treat you like garbage one minute, then pours love, kisses, and cutesy comments all over you the next. THEN the very next day you’re back to being his overlooked leftovers…and yet, you still find him incredibly charming and irresistible. Blah blah blah. We all do it. It sucks. BUT HE’S SO CUTE!


2. We’ve all made those weird, awkward jokes that no one else thinks is funny besides yourself. Trust me…this is my life, and it sucks.  In an attempt to get on a personal level with her hopeful boss-to-be, Hannah makes a tinsey inappropriate joke which completely backfires on her. Does this sound familiar? Note to self: don’t make jokes about incest, politics, sex, or drugs during a job interview.


3.  We can all relate to Hannah’s embarrassing antics with her boss. I’m not saying that we’ve all experience coming on to our bosses, just more so the fact that we’ve probably one way or another made a fool of ourselves on some level. I can’t even count on my fingers and toes the amount of times I’ve said something or did something that made me think my boss assumed I’m a crazy idiot. I get-chu, Hannah. But in Hannah’s case…that was just weird.


4. Most of us, if not all, have had to deal with the grueling fact that our parents have cut us off at some point. It sucks, because the time they cut you off is the time you need them the most! Piling student loans while attempting to find a job straight out of college is hard. Not to mention if you majored in a subject whose correlated job openings come up rarely. Welcome to real life. It’s a moment like this that make you understand why MA degree’d individuals are working 12 hours a day at a local cafe.

Girls Hannah's Parents

5. We can all relate in some way with Hannah. Whether the only thing you have in common with her is that you’re in your mid 20′s, or you too have broken up a couple with a diary entry you wrote about their dying relationship. I feel like there’s a little bit of Hannah in all of us. Plus…I think we can all agree we’ve walked into a painfully awkward situation involving your parents.


Congrats to Girls on the win! We couldn’t agree more.