Whether you peruse your horoscope at the magazine section of the supermarket, receive daily emails, or don’t pay attention to your sign at all, astrology is undeniably something intriguing to think about. It would be cool for each one of us to consider how our sun signs may influence our daily fashion choices. In this series ‘Astrostyle’ we explore just that and provide some great pieces from MissKL to add to your wardrobe!

♈ Aries: Let us start with you Aries gals, the adventurous pioneers of us all. Your ruling planet is action-oriented Mars (fittingly named after the Roman god of war), with your element being trail-blazing fire. Confident, spontaneous, & independent, an Aries girl could pull off any outfit she sets her mind to (think of your trendsetting fellow sun sign sisters: Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham, & Sarah Jessica Parker). The perfect color to emphasize your sizzling personality would be red. Your symbol being the Ram, it makes sense that your sign rules the head, so consider accentuating that area with the latest in accessories!


The Get It Girl Bralette by Hellz Bellz, The Kill You Pom Pom Beanie by AdeenThe Rocker Girl Hair Tie by *Accessories BoutiqueThe Exclusive Civil Lumber Jack Camper by Civil

♉ Taurus: The world is a more sensual and dependable place when the striking Taurus girl is around. Your ruling planet is Venus, associated with the goddess of love and beauty (whose symbol happens to be on the jacket featured below). Draw inspiration from your gorgeous sun sign sisters: Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, and Penelope Cruz, who would not settle for subpar pieces, as quality and indulgence are clearly top on their list. Taurus is an earth sign, so understandably green would look flawless on you gals. The fact that your sign rules the throat is a great excuse to stock up on necklaces!


The Taipan Maxi Dress by One Teaspoon, The Last Nerve Studded Collar by See You MondayThe Moon Rocks Necklace in Brass, and The Run This Town Leatherette Jacket by BOTB by Hellz Bellz

♊ Gemini: Eloquent, witty, intelligent and curious, there are not enough words in the English language to describe the multiple personalities of a Gemini. Your ruling planet is Mercury linked to the messenger god, noted for his swiftness and control over travelers and luck. Your astrological companions are: Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, and Naomi Campbell; all perpetually youthful and never boring. Being an air sign, you need styles that are fresh and exciting, like bold graphic print dresses. Your sign rules the arms so don’t be afraid to overload on the hardware!

GEMINIThe Burning Ground Dress by Finders Keepers, The Pluto Bone Cuff in Brass by Mettle, The Spike Combo Ring by Gasoline Glamour, and The Take on Me Dress in Comic by Backstage

Check back to see the next Astrostyle installment featuring another trio of signs!