I never planned to fall in love, give up everything that’s familiar and attempt to relaunch my career from a different continent, but, c’est la vie, here I am living in the south of France!

A little over three months has gone by since I threw my cat, my headphones, and probably way too many pairs of shoes onto a plane and hopped over the pond. So far I’ve played a couple gigs over here, and while obviously the concept is still the same, there are some differences. This being Europe, House music reigns supreme, and France in particular loves it’s Disco. People seem to be more open-minded in general, which is a DJ’s dream. Strangely, no one requested any songs while I was spinning, which also is a DJ’s dream! I get the feeling that the crowd here views the DJ as something more than just a human jukebox, but maybe I’m jumping the gun… turning on the radio revealed that while many of the big pop records that are massive in the States share the same popularity here, Europe definitely has plenty of its own ear crack, some bad, some good.. this one gets a ton of airplay and is one of the better songs I’ve heard on mainstream radio.

YouTube Preview Image

Overall, I’m feeling pretty stoked about rebuilding my career over here. Music is endless, there is always more to learn, and coming here has inspired me to delve even more deeply into my craft. Bisous from France! X