Whenever I tell people I work for Miss KL, the typical response I get is: “OH MY GOOOOD! Seriously!? I love that store! You must shop all day!” Then with a blank stare, I calmly reply with “Yes…yes I do.” Now, it’s not that I hate working here, because believe me…I totally LIVE for this job. It’s more so the fact that the majority of my paychecks go directly back to Miss KL (which may or may not be a good thing).  I’m pathetic. I know. However, I find it painfully hard to overcome this shopping addiction which I’ve recently become engulfed by, so please don’t judge my weakness.  Such a dire vice has been constructed by the constant exposure to too many rad items and brands at the same time. One brand in particular seems to have my credit card under a weird trance, while it has me spending more money I can even count – newcomer Seville Michelle Anastos. With a large range of luxury earrings and accessories to offer, it’s no secret why so many famous style mavens (as well as myself) have become thoroughly obsessed with the brand.

Recently I chatted with the designer herself about her pathway to success, the steps she takes to gather inspiration, and the many strong females who wear Seville Anastos on a daily basis.  Find out what makes designer Seville Michelle Anastos tick, and be sure to check out the line available now on Miss KL.


Tell me a little bit about Seville Michelle Anastos. How would you describe the line? 

I once heard my line described as being equal parts street and chic– that made so much sense to me. I gravitate to luxurious material but embrace urban trends. It’s a logical dichotomy for me. The combining of fine Italian leather in sophisticated prints wrapped around a doorknocker earring – a trend first made famous by women of the inner city –  represents the cross over of street meeting chic. I grew up in New York City attending borderline rough schools, always aware of the city kid’s desire to dress in expensive clothes despite their economic disadvantages. They always looked crisp. I think that impression stayed with me and has influenced my life as a designer.


What lead you down the path of an accessories designer, and what roadblocks have you had to overcome?

I started designing in October 2009 and the profession has completely swept me off my feet. I came out of a marital engagement, yearning for a way to define my life outside the realm of who I had been for so many years in that relationship. I had a design concept in mind for a line of epaulets. After some encouragement from a friend I set out to design the collection. Within weeks I had been selected to participate in Gen Art’s Fresh Faces in Fashion and received an order from Alicia Keys for her tour ‘The Freedom Tour.’ I always say that my profession has just finally caught up with who I am.


As a designer it must be difficult to constantly come up with new ideas for a piece. Where do you often look for inspiration?

I take inspiration from all areas of my life — absorbing my environment, people I meet, movies I watch, nature and the supernatural. I travel as much as I can– seeing other parts of the world has left a lasting impression, rippling in the waves of my work. I design on impulse, often forming the concepts in my mind for months on end until I find the right combination of imagination, material and application. It is mostly a stewed remedy.


If the ‘Seville Michelle Anastos’ line were a specific female within our generation, who would you compare her to and why?

I have to cheat here.. SMA is the bi-product of Wu Tang Clan and Madonna on their way to the The Ramtha School of Enlightenment. Jane Birkin viewing Klempt at Moma in NY with Mobb Deep. Nicki Minaj is the First Lady of my line but I must admit that seeing Nicole Kidman in my earrings made me think that she is a close runner up!


What are some of your favorite brands you like to rock with your amazing earrings?

I really love simple clothing. Minkpink has cute stuff and Chaser is pretty rad. I also like Made Me.


Are there any new projects or collaborations you’re currently working on? What should we know about the future of Seville Michelle Anastos?

I love the earring I designed for Miss KL! The aqua marine blue faux snake print is something I haven’t done before. I’m already in the future!