There’s nothing more entertaining than spending an hour or two people watching. Now, imagine doing just that but in a different country. Mesmerizing, isn’t it? I don’t quite know what it is about the sport, but there’s something very therapeutic about sitting on a park bench, absorbing all your surroundings (which includes people). Since we’ve been giving you our top places to visit in Paris, I think it’s quite necessary to introduce one of my favorite spots in Paris – Sacré Coeur. The choice is kind of obvious since not only do you get a perfect view of pedestrians, but there’s also an abundance of beautiful architecture to gaze upon. Sacré Coeur has been labeled one of the best spots for photo ops for traveling tourist, so you’re guaranteed a feast of visual stimulation to come your way. An interesting fact: The ending scene of Amelie was actually filmed within the plains of Sacré Coeur, and at dusk the basilica glows. Whether you’re into people watching, or just in need of some inspiration, the Sacré Coeur caters your visual needs with a gorgeous landscape, and a blue sky to mirror the serine surroundings. Now grab a good book, your camera, and a cappuccino, and let the people watching commence.