Strolling Through Paris is a brief blog series to get you excited for our Pin Your Way to Paris contest! These are our tips on must-see places in the City of Light. Whether you’re the winner of our contest or just plan on visiting one day, you’ll be set with a Miss KL-approved itinerary that is sure to make your vacation magnifique! 

Cire Trudon is yet another icon of Parisian class, history, and entrepreneurship. The candle-making company has withstood the tells of time, specifically just short of 400 years, and was the wax producer of choice for heavy hitters like Marie Antoinette and Napoleon. Now, instead of providing light for queens and dictators, Cire Trudon’s candles line the shelves of places like Barney’s and Bergdorfs. But for more of an authentic experience, we suggest stopping in to its Paris store on the Rue de Seine. You’ll be greeted by intoxicating scents, as well as the pleasing view of rows upon rows of colorful wax candles. And since it’s difficult to find their taper candles or pillar candles anywhere but in store, these make a great gift to bring back to friends and family in the states. If you haven’t already spent your money on Ladurée macaroons, that is!