This week we chose to take you through the historic St. Marks Place. This area is home to one of my personal favorites, Trash and Vaudeville. You can expect to find some really edgy chicks hanging around St. Marks. Be careful though, you DO NOT want to cross these ladies.
Name: Jenna Cytryn


What are you wearing today? Right now I am wearing a couple of different brands. My spandex belly shirt is from American Apparel. These amazing shorts I came across after a recent trip to LF. The ‘Go to Hell’ cardigan I’ am wearing is actually by one of my favorite brands, UNIF. The shoes I have on are actually my favorite pair, they are The Coltrane Boots by Jeffrey Campbell.


How would you describe your style in three words? Grunge. Dark. Eccentric.


Name: Nicky Liberty


What are you wearing today? The ‘Pure Hell’ sweater I’ am wearing is made by UNIF. This black skirt I have on came from ASOS. The shoes that I have on are by the brand Miista Shoes. All of the jewelry I have on I actually made myself, except for the Skull ring which is by a brand called Sugar Koated.


How would you describe your style in three words? Dark. Provocative. Glam-Punk


We took some street shots after we ran into these two lovely ladies. Check them out!