For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in a relationship with clothing – a stronger relationship than my partnership with chocolate chip cookies, which dates back into the toddler terrors. My love for fashion began at a young age, scouting polka dot pants, striped tees and plaid parkas along department store aisles/shelves and thus a patterned princess was born. In those early years, my first choice would be to dress in a head to toe cheetah print onesie, but I still needed some seasoning when it came to choosing my own ensemble. No matter what my mind wanted, the verdict came down to Mom and her dress up decisions. I was her doll and the petite garments were her wondrous weapon.

But as I grew, so did my freedom to choose what to dress my body in. Trial and error became my game and the task of mixing textures and patterns was my downfall. But a kid’s cranium rarely beats the high score of those experienced in the pattern game. It wasn’t until high school, and really college that I began to truly understand the art of jumbled joy and the restrictions when faced with mixing and matching.

The golden rule you ask? Stick with a common color scheme and wear the bolder prints on the bottom, balanced with something more neutral on top. Many will tell you to start off small and add a hint to accessories or small details, but in my mind more is more. There are always the days where head to toe pattern would be my ideal and for that, I give you my choice for the best pattern party. Kiss the intimidation goodbye, and get your head in the game.

Items from left to right : Cheap Monday “The Emily Beanie”  // Tripp NYC “The Highwaisted Houndstooth skinny”  // Mink Pink “The Formerly Known As shirt”  // Sole Boutique “The Cypress shoe”  // Volcom “The Lefty Loosey sweater”  // Jack BB Dakota “The Iro Faux Fur jacket”  // BB Dakota “The Irene Faux Fur Shearling coat” // Foot Traffic “Textured Cable OTK socks”

–Kelsey Leahy