It’s sad, but totally true…we’re only 7 days away from Christmas, which means there’s so little time to get your shopping done.


If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably rushing so much at this point to finish your Christmas list, that you’ve started putting together some pretty lame gifts. Don’t be that person…Please, don’t. The ladies of Miss KL have such impeccable taste in gifts,  I advise you to take note of each one of their wishlist’s to give you great gift ideas. Our very last, but certainly not least wishlist is from our buyer, Jeni Ni, whose list consists of street-chic pieces, and statement making accessories. Check out what she’s asking Santa for this year for Christmas.

Name: Jeni

Job at Miss KL? Ladies buyer and general go-to gal!

 Describe your personal style. The best way to describe my person style… eclectic! It all depends what I feel like when I wake up in the morning. One day it may tend towards gothic ballerina, the next, classic Ralph Lauren-esque prep! But lately I’ve been way into the grunge look (because it’s easy to pull off… and my dirty clothes fit right in! haha)

 Favorite part of the holiday season? The drinking part! No but seriously, I really love spending time with my family and the family dog.. and seeing everyone’s faces when they open their awesome gifts! I’m kind of obsessive when it comes to getting people gifts.. I pride myself on getting things they’ll really love (and use) and wrapping them nicely

Wishlist Details: 1. Crooks & CastlesOld Glory hoodie” // 2. Keepsake “Trust Me dress”  // 3. Mink Pink “Great Heights jacket” // 4. Mata Hari “Me Heart clutch” // 5. For Love & Lemons “Veranda maxi dress”   // 6. Jeffrey Campbell “Zhora boot”  // 7. UNIFRitual dress” // 8. Gasoline Glamour “Gumball Spike IPhone case” // 9. A$AP Rocky “Pretty Motherfucker tank