There’s no better time of the year quite like holidays. Everyone is in such a great mood (for the most part), TV shows begin to get a lot more interesting, and the notion that eating like a gluttonous pig is some-what welcomed. Ahh, yes. The holidays are truly amazing. Clearly the festive spirit has caught on at the Miss KL headquarters, as we’re all counting down the days till Christmas, and gathering up a humble list of items we just can’t live without. Who could blame them? After window shopping the site everyday, wouldn’t you do the same? Each day we’ll focus on one Miss KL employee, and their rad wish-list…and who knows? Maybe you just might add something to yours, as well!

Meet: Jeannie

Job at Miss KL?  Makeup Artist and Beauty Buyer

Describe your personal style.  Black whenever possible (like a ninja), the more gold the better (like a pirate), and more often than not, centered around my nails.

Favorite part of the holiday season?  Picking out gifts for people that I know they’ll love!  Getting to see my family and always an excuse for extra champagne.

Wishlist Items: 1. HarlettSpike Friendship Bracelet  2.Obey “Santana Dress” // 3. Mustard “Lip Flask”  //4. Obey “Cheetah Icon Tank” // 5. LA Boutique “Meera Jacket” // 6. Dimepiece “The Happiest Place on Earth sweater”  // 7. Harlett “Concho boot harness”  // 8. Obey “Jealous Lover leather jacket”  // 9. UNIF “Denim Sherpa jacket” //  10. Wildfox “Star Signs Roadtrip sweater”  // 11. Evil Twin “Lunar Child sweater” // 12. Evil Twin “Insomniac jumper”