To say we’re obsessed with accessories is quite the understatement. We’re actually obsessively in-love with accessories. It’s a good thing there’s plenty on Miss KL to go ga-ga over, otherwise how else would we get our fix? With that being said, we wanted to highlight an awesome showroom/PR company, who helps us curate some of our most loved accessories on the site. Ladies meet Jessica Goldfond, owner of The Shiny Squirrel showroom. Thanks to The Shiny Squirrel we have amazing jewelry lines such as Ax + Apple , and  Elizabeth Knight, who provide the truly unique.  I had a chance to sit and chat with Jessica about her entrepreneurial spirit, and discuss what exactly makes her lines stand out from the rest.

Who are you and what do you do?:

My name is Jessica Goldfond and I own The Shiny Squirrel.My organization is a PR company and Showroom that focuses on independent designers from all corners of the world. I work with a lot of really incredible designers that are trying to make their own unique stamp on the fashion industry. My process for working with and finding new clients is extremely organic and I prefer word of mouth to discovering someone new. I find that people who are ready should seek out services, like those I provide. I like to be the person that helps to take their career to the next level.

What inspired you to start your own company?

I went to school for Art History and then was in corporate fashion for 4 years. This was an extremely stifling experience and made me never want to be in that type of environment again. I like being able to control my projects that I work on and with whom.

Can you give me a little bit of a background behind all the wonderful brands you carry?:

I would say a lot of my designers for the season are looking back in time to history, celestial inspiration, and even their own design history to come up with Spring 2013. A lot of these brands are within their first five years of business and although established, they are still finding themselves in the industry. We love to put out pieces that are wearable and can enhance any outfit so I think Ax+ Apple, Elizabeth Knight, and Species by the Thousands are definitely brands that try to be accessible to their customer.

What is the inspiration behind the current designs:

I think each of my clients has a unique perspective on the industry and their role in it. I think their craftsmanship is superior and their ability to interpret ideas is amazing. They are also very engaging themselves with their own interests outside of the accessories industry that makes them interesting to follow on both the product and on social media sides.

With so many new accessories out on the market today, what do you think sets a part your brands from others?

I would definitely say my accessories are a bit like Janis Joplin…. Kind of Fearless, Rock N Roll, and yet at times sultry and sweet… They run the gamut but are always trying to leave their own mark on the world.