In our last post you got to meet head men’s photographer Jackie.  This week we introduce the head women’s photographer, Mari, who I have the pleasure of working very closely with every day.  I love her not only because we can easily agree on what Pandora stations to blast in the photo room, but also because of her sweet and hilarious personality.  Mari is from Japan which automatically gives her style cred, and we envy all the amazing clothes and accessories she’s snagged from back home (like this awesome plaid maxi she’s wearing today).  “Cho Kawaii,” which means “super cute” in Japanese, is a term you can hear coming from the studio on a daily basis, and perfectly describes Mari’s cool and laid back style.

Q: What has been your favorite shoot you’ve done with Miss KL?
A: I love doing life style shoots, it’s a change from the every day product shoots!

Q: What is your go-to piece of clothing in your closet?
A: I have so many clothes in my closet, but I probably wear only 10 or so out of them… my outfits always end up consisting of either stripes, polka dots, and ginghams.

Q: Favorite things to snack on?
A: I’m so addicted to Stacy’s Pita Ships ‘Cinnamon Sugar’!

Q: Do you have something you never leave home without?
A: Perfume, lip balm (ettusais lip essence is the best!), and sunglasses.

Q: What is your favorite part about working at Miss KL?
A: It would be the very stimulating working environment at Karmaloop and Miss KL: the fashion, people, and doggies!

Mari’s Picks: