The Bobby Effect rocking Motel denim.

We had the chance to chat with up-and-comer The Bobby Effect about her latest EP, the mixtape she worked on with Lil Debbie earlier this year, and her sense of personal style. Dig in!

Tell us about yourself

I’m from the Bay Area, California — still located there. Recently I was in NY; I’m actually thinking about relocating because it’s perfect for what I’m trying to do. I made my first EP recently and named it Trill Spazz because that’s kind of like my personality. You know, I’m from East Palo Alto, it’s kind of the hood, but luckily I grew up with a family that was very cultured and I listen to all kinds of music, so that’s where the Spazz comes in. My new sound is kind of a trap-EDM mix, so that’s just the best of both worlds… and showing people that you don’t have to speak to one category because you can have your own thing and just be you and people love that.

What was your inspiration for Trill Spazz — can you embellish a bit on that experience, how it was to create the EP and what drove you to do that?

I met this guy on Halloween last year, when I was just making songs online on a net-book on Garageband. I had no idea what to do, I wasn’t taking music seriously, and I was kind of just playing around. So I was introduced to this engineer who helped create Trill Spazz, Chris Mix, and he said “You can do whatever you want to do.” And when I went in there, I was like “What do YOU want me to do?” I was looking for direction and everyone was saying “It’s up to you.” And I had never been in a studio before, or made a full song, so I said “Let me write a few little raps on mixtape beats.” This was before Trill Spazz, for Bunny’s World. At that point I was like “I want to do an album that’s just about me!” It doesn’t have to be straight hip hop, I can put my own sound on it and if people don’t like it, so the fuck what? Somebody will identify with me out there, and I don’t want to have to pretend that this is hardcore and that’s all I’m about. I just want people to know who I am so that’s where I got the Trill Spazz idea. As far as my inspiration, I was into Lil’ Kim, A$AP Rocky, UGK, Jessie J. I listened to a lot of old gangsta rap with my mom when I was little, but then closer to high school I moved away from East Palo Alto and introduced to M.I.A., Santigold.

How do you think style and music intersect?

They definitely go together because before I even started making music people knew me from my clothes. I ran a blog called Vintage Victim — it was about thrifting and making clothes look like something you can’t buy at the store. I’ve always been about fashion, I feel like it reflects you. Some people might not even be able to afford the clothes they want to wear but they have style and their wardrobe will be better than designer. It’s who you are. I like to stay funky, I don’t really have a set style.

What is your personal style mantra? Do you have one in spite of the fact that you don’t have a set style? What are you thinking when you are getting dressed each morning?

I just wanna look like the shit [laughs]. Just something that doesn’t look too out of control. Sometimes people think my clothes are weird, but I feel like they are normal. It just goes to show, it matches my mood and who I am.

How did you and Lil Debbie join forces on the Bunny’s World mixtape?

I had a show in San Francisco at this club called 330 Ritch, and she was hosting it. She saw me perform and after that we just kind of linked up on Twitter. So she said “Let’s hang out,” and I was like “Let’s kick it at my studio, I’m about to make a mixtape – wanna talk on it?” And that was it!

How else has your Twitter game affected your music career?

I used to tweet a lot more! I wish I still had that in me. It helped me first of all to stay in touch with my fans, I call them my “bunnies,” because they are personal. They like to talk to me. And I feel like with my Twitter I was able to show people me and they fell in love with my personality and were able to feel connected to me. What I live in my life, I try to put on Twitter. I play around a lot too. Though one time I had a sponsor who was trying to work with me, and I had to learn that I couldn’t say all the stuff I was used to saying when they felt that a lot of the shit in my bio was offensive. So that opened my eyes. My Twitter really does affect the way my fans feel about me, my music, networking, and finding time for it is really hard! I run a lot of data on my cell phone.

Where did the bunny thing come from?

Well I actually had a bunny when I was younger, and everyone thinks that I actually I look like a rabbit. I have buck teeth and I’m really hyper – I jump all around. And I’m very sensitive, I’m really like a human bunny.

You change your hair up a lot. Is there a favorite color you like and what hairdo do you have right now?

I have red hair. It’s “Red Hot” – I didn’t mean for it to come out this bright, but this is my favorite so far. I was blonde for years but I don’t miss it. I like it, but a lot of people are going blonde right now and I wanted something different.

Lightning round:

Celebrity crush? Soulja Boy.

You feel most powerful when…I’m dressed up.

Music is like…a drug.

Last thing you bought? Weave hair.

If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be? Lady Gaga.

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