As a fellow shopping addict, (the first step is admittance right?) I can finally say that I have lived up to my title and have witnessed the extremities of Black Friday. Years and years of scarring stories, and no exposure to the real deal that is the black hole. As a newbie holiday shopper, I’ve come to question the logistics of Black Friday and have been left unanswered and unsatisfied. For example, why wake up in the wee hours of the night to wait on never ending lines, only to end up with picked over choices and a nice black eye for the holiday snapshots? Why endure the heavy lifting, traffic filled streets, and statute parking lots when the heavenly online counterpart is just days away?

So after this year, I have solemnly sworn to erase the existence of Black Friday from my mind entirely and will now wait to indulge in my material cravings on the Monday to follow. Now I think we all can agree when we say that the Thanksgiving festivities were taken a little too exceedingly and the indulgence in all things mashed, boiled, and baked took a toll on our minds and bodies. But don’t let that extra cushion hold you back from your purchase parade. Instead of taking the luck of the draw with how garments will fit on my now enlarged physique, I’ve narrowed my search to my true inner craving: the frills I think no femme can have enough of.

Gems and jewels of all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures have tickled my arms, neck, and fingers for years and have enhanced my otherwise boring wardrobe with that extra kick of glitz. Layer your limbs with all the colors of the metal spectrum because lets face it, silver, bronze, rose, and gold unite in perfect matrimony. Leave behind all prior knowledge of what matches and pile all your metals into a mashed up mix tape. Trust me, your metal madness will be a rocking party in no time!

Rings, top to bottom: the Shark Tooth Ring by Fashionology, the Bone Ring by Species by the Thousands, and the Silver Double Cross Ring by Fashionology.

Cuffs, top to bottom: the Zig Zag Tribal Cuff by House of Harlow 1960, the Spiked Punch Bracelet from *Accessories Boutique, and the Crater Cuff by Species by the Thousands.

Kelsey Leahy