We’d like to think that you’re already an avid follower of our blog… Miss KL tumblr...TwitterFacebook page… and all other forms of social media the world has come up with (If not, it’s @RealMissKL, get on it!) But most of all, we’d love to see shoppers hitting us up on instagram, since it’s where we post a lot of our in-office, up close and personal pictures of day-to-day life at the Miss KL headquarters. In my humble opinion, it’s the easiest way to get an inside look at what products we’re posting up next, as well as win some free KL $$$ with our fast and easy instagram contests. However, we know not everyone is always on their phone (do we really though?) or has an instagram-friendly phone, so we were happy to see instagram announce their web profiles this week - a site for people to view all of a user’s instagram photos online in a streamlined profile page. You can check out ours at www.instagram.com/RealMissKL. It’s just one more easy way for you to see what we’re all about. So what do you think? Do we get a like?