The After Dark Dress by Keepsake

Early this AM, we ran into the lovely Miss Christine in the studio prepping for a full day of shooting new product. The 19 year old student was sweet as ever, as she chatted about her studies at BU and her long term modelling career. In addition to modelling, Christine loves to sing, dance, and all around perform, which is sure to come in handy as a potential film/TV major and acting minor. Read about our Miss KL Beauty below!

Name: Christine Prouty

Hometown: Philadelphia

You never leave the house without…¬†chapstick, it’s my number one.

Favorite Miss KL brand: When I was working last time, I started getting really into MINKPINK

Heels, flats, or sneakers? Boots!

When you’re not modelling, you can be found… Singing, dancing, and laughing

Dream Job? Travelling the world and just helping people

Fashion blog/site of choice?

Favorite photo room jam? Honestly, that’s totally up to Yejin (assistant stylist) and that varies day to day. I dance and sing to everything, I can work with whatever.

How long have you been modelling? I’ve been modelling since I was 13 and I’ve been modelling internationally and professionally for about four years. I started modelling for Karmaloop a year ago, around November, and I love it here! The energy and the people are amazing.

How would you describe your style?¬† I guess you could say bohemian but it definitely morphs into its own thing. Sometimes it’s clean and collegiate and then other days I feel loose and free and bohemian. It depends on how I wake up in the morning

Go to item in your closet? My black jeggings

You can find me at…I’m not on Instagram or Twitter, but Facebook, hey if anyone wants to come say hi, I’ll be there

Miss KL beauty product you’re coveting? I love when Jeannie (Beauty buyer and make-up artist) paints my nails with Butter London polish.