Calling all insta-babes, we want to see your ‘So Called Lives’! Each day we all face plenty of ‘as-if’ moments to make up a TV drama…so why wouldn’t you want to share? From your outfit of the day (you fashionista you), to spilling coffee down your brand new white dress (bummmmer) your phone is your diary – MOST CREATIVE WINS! Contests runs for a week so get snappin babes!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Follow @official_MINKPINK & @RealMissKL on instagram, DUH!

2. Snap those crazy moments that make up #mysocalledlife

3. Tag your pic with @official_MINKPINK @RealMissKL #mysocalledlife

BOOM you are in the running baby

WINNER receives an outrageously radical MINKPINK OUTFIT + AUSSIE RAD PACK hand picked by MP design team!!! BOOOYA!