As we quickly fast-forward from fall to winter gear, we begin the free-fall into chapped lips, rosy cheeks, and paled skin. And with the help of good old global warming speeding up the process, us gals are left without optimum time to shop and prepare for the bearing of the harsh winds and snowfalls. As a lass that hates the cold, I’ve learned that layering is key in surviving the frosty front. But layering does not always birth a frumpy mess; rather, it can add the optimal amount of pattern and texture. Check out this Miss KL getup for winter wardrobe inspiration.

First row: The Tom PU Leatherette Dress in Black, the Dotted Tights in Black, the Perfect Bodysuit in Black.

Second row: the Pier Gloves in Black, the Paige Scarf in Blackthe Catface Lennon Sweater in Gray Gardens.

Third row: the Wanderer Jacket in Black, the Slouch Lace Sock, the Loza Boot.

Kelsey Leahy