See that pretty face up there? That’s Brittany. Our lovely and talented social media guru behind all of our instagrams, tweets, status updates, and contests. She’s too shy to tell you herself but yesterday, Brittany’s ordinary day turned totally awesome when she was named in Complex Magazine’s 10 Hottest Girls in Streetwear. We couldn’t agree with them more! Brittany’s streetwear resume includes working with the trail blazing women’s brand BOTB by Hellz Bellz (whose designs we dutifully stock) and blogging for Vans Girls. Pretty impressive for being only 23! Brittany recently made the move from LA to Boston to join us at Miss KL and we’re so happy she did. She’s a sweetheart with some seriously drool-worthy style chops. What more could we ask for?

Brittany rocking the BOTB Stand Up Varsity jacketthe Vans Shoe Fly tee, and the T.U.K. Creeper Shoe ALL available at Miss KL