Rachel Schwartzmann is pretty enigmatic when you look at the grip she has on NYC’s style scene at such a young age. We have to imagine that her most treasured accessory is a smartphone with all the social media, blogging, and marketing tasks she manages to juggle at heavy-hitting industry players like Rebecca Minkoff, Teen Vogue, and Free People. We caught up with the Fashion Institute of Technology student to discuss her career aspirations, style mantra, and the difference between her two uber successful blogs, The Style Line and Le Style Child.

Tell us about yourself…what you’re studying at FIT, what you want to do with it, what attracted you to fashion school.

I am a native Californian, I have also lived in Texas and I have been based in New York City for the past nine years. I am a fashion writer and I contribute to different publications including The Huffington Post and I run my blogs. Additionally I have also interned at Rebecca Minkoff in the Marketing Department, the Fashion department at Teen Vogue and whilst interning at Jeffrey Campbell ran my own column entitled “Living in Litas” on the company blog. I am currently serving my second internship with Teen Vogue in the Marketing Department and I just began my position as the Social Media Director for the Free People flagship. I am an extremely ambitious and passionate person, and like many others I have created a blog to share my personal style, creations and love of the wearable art we call fashion.

In regards to my education I am studying Advertising and Marketing Communications, but I honestly plan to head in a more editorial direction, transforming The Style Line into a full-on corporation. My first goal out of school is to land a job in the digital department of a Conde Nast magazine, preferably Teen Vogue.

Have you changed your mind at all about career path? For example, writing versus styling or designing versus PR?

No, I have always been very focused on pursuing my writing and since my blog’s inceptions I have become passionate about turning The Style Line into a resourceful platform of inspiration and information about the next crop of talent in the fashion industry.

You’ve moved around a lot but have called NYC home for a while. What is the most exhilarating thing about living in NY?

The pace, the culture, the opportunity, the style. It’s New York, words don’t really do it justice.

What is the distinction between The Style Line and Le Style Child?

The Style Line primarily consists of interviews with individuals on their personal style and profiles of emerging and established young talent in the fashion industry. Presently it has over 163k subscribed followers and is a part of Tumblr’s Fashion Spotlight and Street Style spotlight directory pages. Le Style Child is an homage to my own personal style and endeavors.

How did you and illustrator Emily Bartley link up for your site art?

Emily is such a star! We’ve been good friends for a while and originally met through a site called LookLab where we both worked as “Fashion Insiders.” We started with the company at it’s inception, so I spotted her work very quickly and knew we definitely had similar aesthetic tastes. It’s been a great friendship and work relationship so far, and we have another big exciting collaboration in the works!

Do you read many fashion blogs yourself?

Yes, I think it’s important to remember that at its core blogging was meant to reflect opinions and share commentary in a communal way. I read a lot of my fellow New Yorker’s blogs who happen to be a little older than me, and because of that I have come to really admire their sophisticated style. I frequent Blair Eadie’s blog Atlantic-Pacific probably way to much… The girl can do no wrong!

How are you able to juggle two separate web properties?

I really have no idea! It’s a struggle, but it’s not enough of a burden to be a passion killer. I’ve really enjoyed seeing these two entities evolve into personal brands and I think for now The Style Line has the potential to be something much greater than a blog. I’m making strides to make sure it becomes something great, because I know it has the potential to!

Biggest challenge to building a blog?

I would say building it isn’t as hard as maintaining it. A big challenge for me is staying consistent with my values and aesthetic and coming up with original and fresh content. In fact, the premise of The Style Line was and still is to showcase international young talent, and how their endeavors and style make up the next generation of creative innovators… In short, it was basically created to rebel against the influx of personal style blogs which seem to dominate the blogosphere… Lo and behold I ended up creating one myself, but hey it’s fun!

Mandatory reading for style lovers?

I’m a firm believer of the saying, “To each his own.” But aside from blogs, I personally enjoy Teen Vogue, The Huffington Post, WWD and Refinery29.

What is on your holiday wishlist?

I just moved into my first apartment and so my parents/family have helped me tremendously. I’m not asking for anything except for more amazing opportunities, but achievements don’t come from wishing, only from working towards a goal… But then again a trip to ZARA may need to happen at some point soon.

Your wardrobe mantra is…

If it feels wrong, it looks right.

Photo via Le Style Child.