So much rad stuff just dropped from ADEEN — the NYC based brainchild of Rembrandt Duran which we adore for its quirky and colorful accessories — including some acrylic detailed snapbacks and knit hats with sassy slogans. Keeping in line with the “Saturday morning cartoon feeling” which defines the brand, the ADEEN team linked up with Anais Larocca to produce a wild, mile-a-minute display of animated expression: paint guns, Dragonball Z and Pokemon, a candy filled fridge, and a grinning Duran in a Fruit Loop tub. If you look closely, you might even spot a preview of their soft goods collection launching this spring! Also featured in the clip are model Andrej Pejic, Ricci Steez, Lafayette Bless, Eric Narvaez, Nunnie and Amanda Lynne Krieger. The tunes are by Anamanaguchi, and the film was directed by Anais LaRocca and Pablo Pelcan.

Sit back and get into a good holiday groove. Maybe you’ll even be transported to a childhood mindset, just in time for your big homecoming.