Meet Silke Labson, owner and designer of Shown to Scale and all around cool chick. Her line has been at hit at Miss KL with its elevated basics and sheer plaids. And quite impressively, Silke manages a brick-and-mortar boutique in Brooklyn as well as an online platform — all on top of her actual clothing design!

What was your biggest obstacle in designing your in-house collections without prior experience? What was the biggest reward?

Starting off with no experience just meant non-stop trial-and-error.  I would mess up a TON and just learn from my mistakes.  At the end of the day, I ended up getting an education in patterns, design, fabric, production and wholesale in about six months.  And that is MUCH cheaper and faster than any school I would have attended.

Define the Shown to Scale girl in 10 words.

Feisty, crazy, independent… I think I am describing Beyonce.

What was the inspiration for your Fall 2012 collection?

The collection was partly based on outfits that I used to wear as a tween.  I was also inspired by tons of movies I used to watch after school everyday: Clueless, The Craft, Empire Records, etc.  I used to buy TONS of plaid from Hot Topic and wanted to use this throughout the collection without the tacky factor.  I left off the glitter and Slipknot graphics.

Favorite spot in Brooklyn?

I really love Five Leaves.  It’s this amazing restaurant with stupidly good truffle fries and I can bring my dog Henry there.  It’s right near the edge of the park where all the old Polish dudes hang out.  They play records, make good coffee and even the bathroom is cute.  That’s when you know a place is great – they even decorated the potty. Awwwww.

Where do you see your label and storefront in 5 years?

I’m hoping to expand into menswear and accessories.  I would love to have a storefront that I actually build out.  I want to get all HGTV and pick out the perfect everything which will include a dog house for Henry and possibly a dog clothes section.  Just kidding…

Hopefully that last bit is not a joke! We’d come check out the doggie wears.