L’Amour Pfeiffer Sweater by Wildfox Couture

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and while it’s probably too late for you to place a shopping order in time for the big feast, we still wanted to take a moment and tell you what we’re thankful for this holiday season. Here are five reasons why we’ll be gratefully chowing down this Thursday.

The Ganado Ultra Leggings and the Chief Joseph Dinner Plates

1.) See You Monday leggings

Pants can get a bit pesky when you’re goal for the day is to shovel as much turkey and mashed potatoes into your mouth as possible (that is your goal, right?). Stretchy See You Monday leggings allow you to skip the embarrassment of loosening a top button while still looking like you put some thought into your gear.

2.) Wildfox Couture Sweaters

The reason to be grateful for Wildfox Couture knits and raglans is remarkably similar to See You Monday leggings. Wildfox has pretty much cornered the market on trendy loose-fit, super soft sweaters. After all, it’s all about the comfort people! And being able to get that second…third…fourth(?) helping, while still leaving room for a slice of pie.

3.)  Pendleton Accessories

Let’s not forget how Thanksgiving began. Help from Squanto and the Wampanoag tribe allowed Plymouth-based Pilgrims’ harvests to grow and thrive. Although Pendleton’s prints are influenced by Southwest Native American tribes like the Navajo and not the Mass-based Wampanoag, the stylish sentiment is still there. What better way to pay tribute than to decorate or accessorize with a tribal print piece?

The Eat Pray Love tee and the Drinking Flask in Leopard

4.) Graphic tees from UNIF

Maybe you think your family is awesome. Maybe you don’t. Either way, it’s always a bit fun to shock dear old mom and dad, and UNIF clothing consists of  just the thing. The tee above, which states “Eat LSD, Pray to Satan, Love No One,” is sure to get the disgruntled conversation rolling.

5.) Wild Eye Design Flasks

The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is widely known as one of the busiest nights in the bar industry. Perhaps it’s family reunion jitters or just excitement about the ensuing feast, but people seem to crave a little liquid courage before they face Turkey Day. For those with particularly raw nerves, you can always keep the party rolling into Thursday with a flask filled with your favorite poison (Note: Mine is bourbon).

Overall though, there’s plenty of reasons to be thankful for all of our brands. Check it out for yourself on MissKL.com. Until then, wishing you a comfortable, fashionable, food-filled Thanksgiving!