The Gi Myao Gender Bender Tee – Blood Is The New Black // The Jimi Hendrix Halo Destroyed Tee – Chaser // The AC/D Tee – UNIF

I fell in love with MTV’s hit show Jersey Shore its first season on the air. Something about all the hairspray, fake tanning, and binge drinking sparked a somewhat guilty pleasure in my 17-year-old self. I remember visiting Seaside Heights my senior year of high school and being star struck by a world of fried pickles, cheetah print spandex, and a lifetime supply of hair gel. What I truly learned to love was the comedic phrases that this show became known for that somehow made an instant mark on my everyday language. Words such as grenade, meatball, and phrases such as GTL and Cabs are here! began to trickle off my tongue with ease. But what I became most excited for thanks to Mike the Situation himself was when the wife beaters were ditched in light of freshly washed and pressed t-shirts. T-shirt time became a phrase that was easily translated to a generation of hyped up club goers as party time.

The David Bowie Guitar Destroyed Tee – Chaser // The Hipster Joplin Burnout Tee – Local Celebrity // The Lisa Hanawalay Pussy Power Boyfriend Tee – Blood Is The New Black

Until recently, my t-shirt game was slacking to say the least. I thought those simple cotton garments were solely worn to bed, when I was in a rush in the morning, or on laundry day. Now as a gal that has recently learned to experiment with her t-shirt tactics, I’ve come to appreciate mixing them in with unexpected ensembles. Posh skirts, draped over dresses, a little oversized with tights, the list goes on and on. So from one t-shirt lover to another, here are our must haves for fall. Whether you’re ready to party or ready to kick it in the comfort of your own home, you’ll be doing it with effortless style.

Kelsey Leahy