Our Prince Of Peace’s Cosmic Tie-Dye pieces are the perfect combination of the Pastel goth and velvet trends. 

Velvet always reminds me of 90s Goth kids, which I love. Now thanks to the trendy concept of pastel goths, velvet has found a home again in 2012 fall trends. Even though it was a central style point on the runway last year, it has continued to crush trends this F/W season.

So where did this trend come from? Why are all my favorite fashion bloggers turning into My Little Pony? Pastel goth is a style that recently evolved out of seemingly-tumblr-oriented trends. Spikes, sheer materials, biker jackets, destroyed denim, and tie-dye merged into one style for a sort of grunge meets girlish charm look.

Velvet is by nature a strong fabric so it comes as no surprise that adding velvet to a wardrobe can create a harder edge to a feminine feel for everyday. Try out a few of our on trend velvet below pieces to stay creepy and cute:

Deco Velvet Leggings by Ladakh, Pointe Shoe by Jeffrey Campbell

The Paige Dress by One Rad Girl, The Formerly Known As Shirt by MINKPINK

Danielle Olsen