Have you ever found yourself wondering what the ultimate style mavens wear to class? This week we decided to take you inside the Fashion Institute of Technology, probably the most fashion conscious campus in the country! Be warned: these girls may force you to rethink wearing sweats to class ever again…

Name: Sophia Millar

Major: Fashion Merchandising Management

What are you wearing today? Today I decided to wear my vintage crop top, necklace, leather jacket, and sunglasses. I decided to pair those with these old Levi shorts. The creepers that I’m wearing are from a brand called Underground. For accessories I’m wearing a Low Luv by Erin Wasson ring and a KR3W beanie.

How would you describe your style in three words? Ever-changing. Grunge. Gothic.

Name: Gabriela Grskovic

Major: Advertising and Marketing Communications

Tell us what you’re wearing today. The dress that I’m wearing is actually from Miss KL! It’s made by a brand called Reverse. The flannel that I’m wearing is vintage and I’ve had it forever. My jacket is Lucca Couture and my shoes are Acne.

Could you describe your style for us in three words? Versatile. Feminine. Muted.

Name: Lexi Backer

Major: Fashion Design

What pieces are you wearing today? The graphic t-shirt that I’m wearing came from American Apparel. The shoes I actually picked up at H&M. I bought the jacket at Zara. I happened to find these floral pants at Urban Outfitters. The sunglasses and necklace are both vintage finds.

What three words would you use to describe your style? Edgy. Trendy. Bold.