As Halloween quickly approaches, many of us are eager to rock the costumes we’ve been putting together throughout the season. Some of us have been going all-out, searching hardcore over the city, from thrift shops, to vintage boutiques, and even ordering pieces online to finalize our costumes for our favorite holiday of the year! It’s time to retire the boring cat ears and skanky lingerie costume, and go for something out of the ordinary — most of all, FUN!

Over the past few years I have seen a number of Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga costumes, which inspired me to dress as an emerging star that had impeccable fashion sense. Look no further than Iggy Azalea, our favorite hip hop Australian, known for her singles “Pu$$y,” “My World” and “Murda Bizness.” Appearance-wise, she totally bares a resemblance to Madonna in her 80s glory days — which of course, we can attribute to the killer Material Girl obsessed stylist behind Azalea’s wardrobe, Alejandra Hernandez.

Let’s be serious, there is nothing sexier than a female rapper who has swag and can rock a high pony tail! Her look is almost too good to be true. So, how can the average girl look like this badass bitch for Halloween? As always, Miss KL has got you covered…

You may be a little hesitant to show some skin, but when is this more acceptable than on Halloween? Crop tops, bodysuits or bikini tops are essential to achieve Iggy Azalea’s look. Reach for these statement pieces by grabbing a pair of graphic printed leggings or high waisted shorts, two more of this high fashion hustler’s signature items. Iggy Azalea also loves to rock the traditional “bad girl” look, complete with leather jackets and bold blazers (trendy pieces that you can find in abundance on our site!). This outerwear will seriously enhance your look — plus, you may get cold party rockin’ in your bodysuit all night, so these items will be sure to warm you up! These versatile silhouettes are very easy to incorporate both within this costume, and your usual nighttime style. Finish off the Iggy Azalea look with some sassy jewelry, studded bright shoes, poppy red lipstick, and unique sunglasses. And, whatever you do, don’t forget to rock her signature high pony tail! You will be sure to turn heads all night!

“Outfit, perfect
hit the scene, hurt shit”

Dalin Phann