We love checking in with Tumblr darling FilthyRichTaj (aka Taja Jenay, Taja Barber) — she has some sassy street style for a high schooler! And let’s not forget… homegirl is a budding DJ starting to make her imprint on NYC. See what makes Taj tick:

Which do you prefer, East or West coast?
I wouldn’t say I really have a preference. I love both the West coast and East coast for different reasons! I’ll always be a Cali girl at heart and I love the beach and the weather, while I love NYC for its energy and fashion sense. I’m a “Cali girl” living the New York dream!

What is the most surprising place you’ve been recognized?
The most surprising place where I have been recognized was while I was on the West coast in Downtown Los Angeles at the Android Homme store opening over Labor Day Weekend. I was introduced to twin models, Tyler and Taylor Michaels, but they already knew me from my Tumblr!

Who would you want to DJ with?
One artist that I would love to DJ with is A$AP Rocky. He has an amazing energy during his shows that can only be witnessed live and in person!

Tell us about your beauty routine.
I have a very simple beauty routine: I wash my face with REN cleanser and moisturize. Then I apply Benefit  “THEY’RE REAL” mascara and finish it off with a nude color lipstick by MAC.

Favorite movie based on the wardrobe design?
My favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany’s since the wardrobe in the film is so classic and feminine!

Favorite bloggers?
My favorite bloggers are Chiara Ferragni (of The Blonde Salad), Gessica Pinna, Wendy Lam (of nitrolicious) and I like Hypebeast too.

Can you share some tips for people just starting their first Tumblr?
My tips for people starting their first Tumblr: Your blog can be a representation of yourself and your personality and all of your likes, so have fun with it and share your interests with other people. Always be sure to keep the interaction and conversation going with your followers.

What trend are you hoping makes a comeback?
I’m hoping that piling on jewelry and layering huge pieces aka GLOSS/ICE makes a come back – think Pharrell with huge chains!