If you ask us what our favorite holiday is, you more and likely would get a very confused mish-mashed answer that basically says “WE LOVE THEM ALL.” However, being that we’re currently in the season of watching Ghost Stories on the Travel Channel, while shoving candy corn down our throats, we’ll just make do and say our favorite holiday is Halloween. I mean, why SHOULDN’T it be? This is the one day of the year “when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it.” (Amen, Regina George). Just kidding. Sort of. Besides the fact that on this day we can dress like an alien without being stared at awkwardly, this is also the day that conjures up a whole lot of inspiration in the beauty department. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve stalked the internet for loads of nail design ideas, and are now knee deep in a whole-lotta pins and saved .jpgs. Somehow…I feel a bit like a hoarder. Luckily our amazing beauty buyer is on the same page as me and compiled a whole folder up of our her Halloween nail picks. Are you ready to die?